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Ruthayn Kronenberg – Westchester

From the beginning of her career, Ruthayn knew that she wanted to work on something that allowed her to make a difference in someone else’s life while filling a void in a broken system that affects our most vulnerable, our elderly.

What satisfies her the most about being an advocate is being the voice for a client that doesn’t have one or is afraid to use their own. Being an advocate allows her to ensure that the client on her watch is getting the care they need and deserve whether it’s at home, in a hospital or in a community.

What she likes the most about being part of MyElderTM is not only being part of a new company, it’s also being part of a big family.

Susie Cabanas – Westchester

Susie has always believed life is about growth and not being afraid of change.  After 14 years as a freelance court stenographer, she began to feel stagnant, and since she always wanted to have her own business in a field that she felt would be gratifying, rewarding, and in service to others, she realized that MyElderTM would be the perfect fit that would allow her to fulfill that wish.

Being able to help someone who is truly at a loss, who may possibly have no family to help them, being able to come up with a solution that makes them happy and to see the gratitude and relief in their eyes is the biggest satisfaction for her.

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