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Judi Birch – Pittsburgh

Judi has worked in administrative and management roles in the medical field for more than 25 years. As a medical billing manager and working for a Medicaid MCO, she often encountered people, especially the elderly, who were confused and intimidated by the complexities of the medical systems.

Over the past few years, Judi helped her mother-in-law and a friend/neighbor come to terms with the need to change their living circumstances by being an intermediary for their children so that there was less emotion involved. They trusted that her only concern was their well-being.

MyElderTM became the perfect opportunity for her to turn helping the elderly into a full-time career. What satisfies Judi the most about being an advocate is seeing the elderly aging with the dignity and grace they deserve.

Rick Carr – Pittsburgh

Rick has spent his entire career in the healthcare field, starting in medical supply sales and marketing, and for the last 24 years in administrative and ownership roles in a home health agency and hospice, a medical staffing agency and a non-medical home care company.

In his work, Rick has seen families experiencing unnecessary anguish and worry because they didn’t have access to the proper resources to help make the best decisions for the care of their elderly parents. His biggest reward is helping sons and daughters return to a less stressful life and maintain the family unit they once knew.

What Rick likes about MyElder™’s proprietary assessment tool and support services is that they provide the right instruments to help him guide his clients smoothly through the complex health care network.

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