10 Reasons Why My Elder is Different than Other Senior Care Placement Services

10 Reasons Why My Elder is Different to Other Senior Care Placement ServicesMy Elder is not like any other senior placement services – we make sure we provide elder care options based on your elder’s needs, not based on a commission from a facility.


One of the greatest differences between My Elder and other senior care and home health care placement services is that My Elder is not FREE. A free placement service will provide you with 20 to 30 sales calls from facilities who have no idea what your elder needs. Their consideration is only facilities that compensate them. This might leave you and your elder at a great disadvantage. My Elder adds value in many areas that free services don’t.

Here are ten things that free services do not provide.

1. A professional, experienced, and dedicated advocate who will match your elder care needs with a long-lasting solution.

2. An advocate who will give you a solution based solely on your needs, not based on payment from a facility.

3. A solution based on an extensive assessment of what your elder needs.

4. Knowledge of the history and records of the facilities’ performance over the years, possible violations of the law, and records of client satisfaction (or dissatisfaction).

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5. An advocate who monitors your elders progress for a month after placement, which is included in our fee, and thereafter for a reasonable monthly fee.

6. An advocate who is available to handle any complaints or problems after placement.

7. An advocate who is knowledgeable about assisted living, nursing home and home health care agency contracts who will ensure that you receive all that you are contractually entitled to.

8. An advocate who is professionally equipped to negotiate the best rate for you.

9. An advocate who will advocate for you, when your elder has to go to a hospital or to rehabilitation in a nursing home from an assisted living facility.

10. An advocate who will make sure that your elder is not wrongfully evicted from an assisted living facility.

It is true that old age brings many challenges to both the elder and the caregiver; It can be overwhelming and stressful. If you feel uncertain about making decisions about elder care or if you want to know your elder care options, My Elder is here to provide knowledgeable advice and long-term solutions. Have peace of mind and confidence knowing that your elders needs and wants are understood and their rights and dignity are protected.

My Elder provides elder advocacy services to families. Talk to us about long-term planning, finding the right home for your loved ones, preventing crisis and abuse, and ensuring they receive the best care possible.

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