Come Fly With Me…


Defying ageism: There is no age limit for adventure and fun.


I did not jump out of a plane on my 67th birthday to prove anything to anybody; not to announce “no fear”, not to show anyone that I could still do it. I did it because I wanted to. I did it because I still remember the last time in the air. I still remember the peace, the beauty, the silence and the joy of it. I plan on doing it again and again and again.

This is pretty much the way that I live my life. I scale the highs and lows as they come, up and down and up and down. I live with the gut-wrenching fear of jumping over the edge and doing it again, over and over and over.



Why would a successful management consultant in technology and finance risk it all to start and grow a new business? Because I wanted to, because I believe in what we are doing, because our product and services are radically different and have the potential to change the world, the same reason most people stand on the precipice, because I must do it, and I won’t take the easy way out.

We live in a world where 45 is old to work in advertising, where millennials are depreciated as lazy, where middle-aged women disappear, where men and women compete even though we have almost endless resources, and where we have no plan or ideas for the last 25-40 years of our lives.

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Why My Elder

Everyone wants to get older and no one wants to die young (maybe except Blondie, and even she failed at it). But we want this without even understanding what we want.

There is no intrinsic difference between generations. There are intrinsic differences between individuals, and I celebrate that. I was called a dumb hippy and a dumb yuppie (does anyone remember yuppies?) on the same street corner 25 years apart. I wonder what I would be called today.

The really interesting thing about entrepreneurship at this time in life is that it’s really fun. I get to try out roles that I have never tried out, I get to work on new things – scary things, fun things, and mundane things. We do everything; we need to learn everything there is to know. We change our perception, our direction, and our time allocation according to our new knowledge and experiences.

For me, new knowledge is the juice that I live off. Don’t listen to what anyone else says about you. You create your own future. Just jump into the abyss with me, it will be fun.

Let’s fly together. Come out and play with me!

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