My Elder Monitoring in the Age of Coronavirus


My Elder is here to help families make sure that the needs of their senior family members are not neglected in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.


One of our most important/popular services is My Elder Monitoring, which begins with an extensive, in-person elder needs assessment. The needs assessment evaluates the elders’ situation for self-reported medical status, familial connections and availability, financial, psycho-social, environmental and other specifics. This needs assessment is done both by observation and Q&A with elders, their families and caregivers. The needs assessment is often followed by a My Elder monitoring program that prioritizes the needs of the elders and helps the elders fulfill those needs whether sometimes using third party providers (home health agencies for example) or directly by the My Elder advocate. This service also may prevent crisis situations from happening and to make sure the appropriate elder services are provided.

During the lockdown, the lucky people who are already in the My Elder monitoring system are receiving benefits as our elder advocates partner with families to help seniors in any way we can, which relieves the families and caregivers to focus on managing their own lockdown issues.


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How can My Elder execute a needs assessment and provide monitoring services to new clients during this period? My Elder has been helping families find the right elder care services for them such as elder care monitoring, long term care planning, nursing home placement, assisted living placement for several years now.  We are lucky to have many tools at our disposal and come to the table with extensive experience in prioritizing the needs of elders.

In altering our needs assessment, we are using tools like Zoom or other group video tools to meet with the families of the elders and their caregivers. If the elder cannot get onto the group video tool, we add the elder to a conference call to put everyone on the same page as to what will happen. My Elder then collects information from each participant group, both in a group setting and individually to create the widest and most complete plan possible, covering as many elder care options as we can. We are committed to an in-person follow up observational assessment as soon as we can.



The services then proceed as normal. We prioritize the needs of the elders and begin to find the right providers to fulfill those needs. Today that may include food delivery services, laundry services, pharmacy and drug delivery services, social interaction plans, and other items as needed. We recommend items that the elder may need, like a tablet or smartphone if they don’t have one yet. My elder also checks in with the elders and their families/caregivers on a regular basis to ensure that the plans are executed properly and that crises are averted if possible.


My Elder specializes in advocating for elders who are seeking the best care possible. In doing this, we are helping elders prolong their lives.  Call us at 212-945-7550 to talk to us about, finding the right home for your loved ones, preventing crisis and abuse, and ensuring they receive the best care possible to prolong your loved one’s life.


Photo Credits Adam Ouellet and Adam Niescioruk